Safety Planning

Safety Planning

If you would like help making a safety plan, an advocate at the Family Safety Center can help you.

What is a safety plan?

A safety plan is a personalized plan that a person can use to increase their safety during a dangerous or scary time in their life. Because every person’s situation is different, a safety plan has to be tailored to each person. Make sure to keep your safety plan in a safe place where an abuser won’t find it.

How do I make one?

An advocate is the best person to help you make your safety plan. However, you are the expert in your situation, so you can trust yourself when you’re making decisions about what’s going to keep you safe and what’s going to put you in more danger. Here are some tips you can use to help create your safety plan. Remember to update your plan every time your situation changes.

Some things to consider including in your safety plan:

  • I will keep my phone charged and with me at all times. I will also keep a phone charger with me at all times.
  • I will make sure my car always has plenty of gas. I will also make a habit of backing the car into the driveway so that I can pull out quickly.
  • I will register for Smart 911.
  • I will keep an emergency bag for myself with a phone charger, a change of clothes, money, medicines, and important documents. I will hide it somewhere where my abuser can’t find it but where I can easily get to it.
  • I will call 911 if I ever feel threatened, nervous, or scared.
  • I will make up a signal with neighbors that I trust, like flashing the lights on and off or hanging something out of the window, to let them know that I need help. I will tell them to call 911 if they see my abuser near my home.
  • I will change my locks and install security devices on my windows.
  • I will keep my doors and windows locked at all times, whether I am at home or away.
  • I will plan what to do in various situations if my abuser shows up to start problems at my job. I will inform security, managers, and trusted coworkers at my job of my situation.
  • I will discuss, review, and practice my safety plan with my children as often as possible.
  • I will make sure my children have their home address memorized and know how to dial 911.
  • I will create a code word to use with my children so they know when I need them to call the police or when I need them to leave the house and get help.
  • I will teach my children about safe behavior with their phone, their computer, the internet, and social media.
  • I will turn the location feature off on my phone and on all social media accounts.
  • I will keep a copy of my Order of Protection with me at all times. I will give a copy to trusted management and security at work, family, and trusted neighbors and friends.
  • I will leave when my abuser will least expect it. This will give me more time to get away before my abuser realizes I’m gone.
  • If I can, I will call a police officer to escort me out of the house as I leave.
  • I will appoint a safe place or person to keep my important documents, including any evidence I have of my abuse.
  • I will ask trusted friends or family if they would take me and my children in during an emergency.


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If you think that you are in an abusive relationship, look at our safety planning page for ways to increase your safety and our resources page for community support.