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Strangulation Response

Strangulation Response

Members of Metro’s Strangulation Response Committee at a 4 day Strangulation Training in San Diego

Did you know?

  • Abusers who strangled are 750% more likely to kill their victim.
  • Strangulation can have lifelong physical effects or result in delayed death days, weeks and even months after the strangulation.
  • Strangulation (commonly called choking) is anytime someone cuts off your breathing, such as:
    • hands around neck
    • holding you in a “choke hold”
    • putting hands or object over your face, mouth, nose, etc.
    • sitting on your chest or constricting your chest from holding
  • It takes only 6 seconds of continuous pressure to lose consciousness from a strangulation.

Learn more through the Alliance for Hope’s Strangulation Institute.

What is the Strangulation Response in Nashville-Davidson County?

  • The Strangulation Response Committee was created in order to standardize a community-wide response to strangulation incidents in Nashville and Davidson County.
  • The goal of the protocol is to ensure that every system within Nashville and Davidson County recognizes the inherent danger of strangulation-related incidents and provides a quick, compassionate, and thorough response to victims of strangulation.
  • Agency partners and representatives meet quarterly to discuss individual program and agency updates, statistics and trends in Nashville, and training and collaboration opportunities to enhance Nashville’s response to strangulation victims and offenders.

Strangulation Response Protocol Committee Members

  • Metro Nashville Office of Family Safety
  • Metro Nashville Police Department, Domestic Violence Division
  • Metro Nashville District Attorney’s Office
  • Metro Nashville Department of Emergency Communications
  • Nashville Fire Department
  • Vanderbilt University Medical Center
  • Nashville General Hospital
  • TriStar Skyline Medical Center
  • TriStar Centennial Medical Center
  • Sexual Assault Center

Statistics Regarding the Response to Strangulation in Nashville

In 2019:

  • OFS gave out 940 brochures to clients specific to strangulation.
  • OFS flagged 2,263 (or 35%) criminal defendants an OP respondents as stranglers.
  • 54% of victims of domestic violence who answered the LAP indicated that they had been strangled by their abuser.
  • All of the Nashville Fire Department’s 350 personnel and paramedics received a 1-hour training from Vanderbilt and the Office of Family Safety on strangulation identification and response.
  • 23 Davidson County District Attorneys and Victim Witness Coordinators, 28 FSC staff, and 141 Dept. of Emergency Communications employees were trained on strangulation by OFS.