Laterio’s Story: “I Am Resilient”

Life has been such a journey. For I have experienced molestation, rape, domestic violence and human trafficking. I have tried to place the files in a vault and never think about the tremendous hurt. Found myself struggling with self-worth, identity and validation. Making changes are important not just for me, but for my daughter. She is the very essence of finding the strength, perseverance and resilience to push forward in life. My faith has grown tremendously in/with God. Knowing I couldn’t let my daughter see me being abused and later thinking it’s normal for a man to beat you down.

The 1st abusive relationship stripped me of dignity and self-love; I left with no money, no car, no home and my daughter on my hip. I Moved back to Memphis, finished College and received my Bachelors in Science.

Then a few years later, I found myself back in another abusive relationship. Wondering! How could this be? He was so charming and caring. Turned out he was controlling, jealous, a hypocrite who mentally, emotionally and physically abused me. I remember being dragged out of a department store, to my disbelief the security guard just watched and no one helped. I felt trapped. We both lived in Nashville. He had my address, knew where I lived and worked. He stalked me. He knew my every move. He even told me “no one can stand between us, not even the police.”

One day I realized this load was far more than I could carry, without seeking therapy. Healing was needed, so after finding the VOICES community; I started to seek help. Now I’m here looking to make a difference for/with other beautiful women and various communities.