HABIT is a community group of volunteers working together to explore the circumstances and consequences of the human-animal bond and to promote this valuable bond between people and animals. HABIT is comprised of representatives from the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, volunteers from the community, and private veterinary practitioners. Their volunteers bring support dogs to the FSC twice a week and one of our staff has a HABIT dog that comes to the office with her twice a week as well.

Monique comes every Monday to bond and reduce trauma for clients and their children.
HABIT dogs are not just for clients, this Patrol Officer is enjoying a special moment with Polly after transporting a victim to the FSC
HABIT dogs spend a lot of time supporting FSC staff in the hard work they do helping clients. Hubert has a big heart for this work!
Our newest HABIT dog Zizou

                                       Zizou loves to give staff hugs and snuggle at their feet!

HABIT dog Polly and her mom
HABIT dog Monique and her mom
HABIT dog Hubert and his parents